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Just Say No


sylvar / Foter / CC BY

Just the other day I read a very disturbing statistic.  Deaths from prescription drug abuse have exceeded deaths from cocaine and heroin combined.   This has been called an epidemic by the Center for Disease Control.

Call me naive, but in order to die from prescription drugs doesn’t somebody have to prescribe them for you or for the “pusher” who sold them to you.  And doesn’t the person doing the prescribing need to have a license to practice medicine.  What happened to “do no harm”.   Now I know that there are legitimate reasons to prescribe narcotics for pain, but maybe when someone comes to the ER with a sprain some Ibuprofen would do the job instead of getting out the big guns.

Another thought that occurs to me is maybe the medical practitioners can be trained better to identify drug seekers and deal with them rather than prescribing a months worth of loritabs and send them on there way.

Maybe the catch phrase we used to influence our school age children, “Just Say No” can apply equally well to our medical community.  I’m just saying.