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Is the Computer mightier than the pen


Recently I’ve been hearing people lament the loss of some USPS services while at the same time using their computers to send and receive emails.  While contemplating this paradox a very simple truth hit me.  If you get communications in whatever form from someone close to you the method shouldn’t matter.  To me, if someone I love takes the time to compose and send a text message it means just as much as if they sat down and wrote it with pen and paper.  It just gets to me a lot faster.  I know most of us would not give up air travel in favor of covered wagons just because that’s the way we used to travel.  Sure, eliminating some USPS services is going to be an inconvenience for some people but over time when finally we have to look at a Norman Rockwell painting to remember what a postman looked like and we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.  Meanwhile we have to be tolerant of everybody whose fear is causing them to cling to their pens and pencils.  We have to help them overcome their fear of the new technology and usher them into the brave new world.  Remember, telling someone you love them and are thinking about them transcends the communication medium.  Texting and emails are hear to stay, at least until the next technology outdates them.

Happy Holidays