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Should we just put old people on an ice flow.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

“Five years ago, managers at Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) realized that with Germany’s graying population the average age of their workers would jump from 41 to 46 by 2017. So they decided to make it happen sooner.

In 2007, the luxury automaker set up an experimental assembly line with older employees to see whether they could keep pace. The production line in Dingolfing, 50 miles northeast of BMW’s Munich base, features hoists to spare aging backs, adjustable-height work benches, and wooden floors instead of rubber to help hips swivel during repetitive tasks.  read more.. By Christian Wuestner – Sep 6, 2012 5:01 PM CT

The preceding article was posted last September on  A similar article can be seen in Car and Driver magazine as well.

We spend a lot of time agonizing about the aging population and their enormous drain on the economy, namely Social Security and Medicare (funded by taxes these same people paid).  The solutions always seem to be tax more and payout less.  How about keeping the aging population productive longer by reconfiguring the workplace much the same as BMW and others have done.    The United States has always been a model for the rest of the world regarding the skilled productivity of our workers.  The experience and productivity of our aging workers can once again lead the way by providing guidance to young people entering the workforce.  We shouldn’t be waiting for “old people” to retire so their positions can be filled by young people coming into the workplace.  Rather we should see the young people coming in as expanding the workforce and gaining valuable insights from their older co-workers.  Happy Holidays!

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Fleecing of America

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I haven’t posted for a while so I thought I would start off with something simple.  This is another example of something that appears to simplify our lives but in fact is pilfering money from our pockets.  What am I talking about?  Propane cylinder exchange.  There was a time where we would take our 20# barbecue cylinder to a gas station to be refilled when we felt they were getting low.  We would then pay for the amount of propane that was required to fill the tank.  What do we do now?  We bring the tank that is low to a propane exchange where we exchange it for one that is full.  But wait a minute, the tank we bring in is not always empty so what happens to the extra fuel? Do we get credit for the LP gas remaining in the tank, which could be easily measured by weighing the tank.  Of course not.  Instead we give them a partially filled tank and pay full price for the filled tank we receive in exchange.  This is the equivalent of bringing your car to the gas station, completely draining your tank into the stations bulk tank and then refilling the car where part of the fuel is the same stuff you just donated to the station for free.  I’m just saying!