The Sharks are circling

Friday, July 19,2013

I just read the following article that has been gaining traction on various news outlets.

“A Chicago law firm says it has taken steps to sue aircraft manufacturer Boeing on behalf of 83 people who were aboard the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco earlier this month.

It claims in a court filing that the crash might have been caused by a mechanical malfunction of the Boeing 777’s autothrottle.”

Never mind that the airliner was manufactured in compliance with FAA part 25 standards and presumably maintained to those standards.  In addition there were three pilots in the cockpit who, on the cockpit voice recording, acknowledged that the plane was low and slow.  The NTSB preliminary findings claim that the aircraft controls and avionics were performing as expected.  Even making the assumption that the auto-throttles had failed, one of the stated purposes of the “human” pilots is to monitor the airplanes performance and intervene manually in the event of failure in the automated system.  Three Asiana pilots, in what was described as “severe clear weather” were cleared for a visual approach and appear to have failed to monitor and intervene manually when this alleged failure occurred until it was too late.

Airplanes and their components do fail.  Pilots do make mistakes.  I don’t know what happened in this case but “ambulance chasing” and suing simply because an event “might” have occurred just seems wrong.

There is know way to mitigate the loss of life but hundreds of people lived and a lot of them just walked away, carrying their luggage.  Maybe Boeing should be given an award for creating an airplane that allowed for the survival of so many in the face of such a horrific accident.

I’m just saying.


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