Here’s todays conundrum   Are we saving too…

Here’s todays conundrum.  Are we saving too much or spending too much?  Depending on which talking head you listen to the answer could go either way.  One head says we should save like our grandparents and pay cash for everything.  Another head says that we are now saving to much and smothering the economy.  After all 70% of our economy is driven by consumer spending.  In the halcyon days of the early 2000’s we were racking up mortgage and credit card debt, spending money we didn’t have like we would never have to pay it all back.  Oops, we were wrong.  I don’t have to rehash the mortgage meltdown or the upcoming credit card and student loan fiasco.  It’s sufficient to say that as a society we have lost our financial way.  It’s popular to blame big banks, but we were the ones buying the houses we could not afford and we knew we couldn’t.  We were the ones swiping our credit cards for our morning cappuccino.  It’s time to take responsibility for our own behavior.  Remember, there would have been no mortgage meltdown if we would have all behaved responsibly.  Let’s all think twice before we buy the next dodad or trinket we really don’t need. 



2 thoughts on “Here’s todays conundrum   Are we saving too…

  1. Laura

    Well said Dean! You are correct – we are spending too much as a whole and it’s up to us as individual consumers to take responsibility, get control, show restraint, and manage our money!

    1. brian

      Well said Dean. What’s worse is that many people who were OK going into the mortgage crisis felt like they should get their “free money” then pulled good equity from their 30 Yr Fixed in favor of a 5 year ARM at 2.5%… oh boy… that doesn’t end well.


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