When are we going to see cooperation in politics

Last night Martha and I went to a Republican (we’re democrats) sponsored meeting that we thought was meant to raise awareness of a planned iron mining operation in Iron County that is being held up by environmental concerns and a long permit process. It actually was a dinner to raise money for the party. In fairness the subject of the mining operation was discussed and I must say that I am in favor of the mine as long as everyone’s environmental concerns are address. To anyone who doesn’t think it’s a concern you simply have to Google Earth White Pine, MI and check out the 10 square mile tailings pond to the east that has resisted re-vegetation for decades. This is the subject of another blog entry. In attendance was Rep. Sean Duffy(R) who won a long time democratically seat when Dave Obey(D) retired.

While I was listening to various Republican speakers from local, state and federal levels giving their speeches it became clear to me that compromise, at least their public view on it was as far away as Mars.

It was profoundly disturbing to me that their vague generalizations about the problems we’re facing were laid directly at the doorstep of the democrats and the equally vague solutions were going to be attributable to republicans if only the democrats would stay out of the way. This does not sound like the spirit of cooperation. I think what we all would like from both parties is specific, collective solutions to the problems that are stalling our country.

I understand the lack of specifics in short time Rep. Duffy was allotted but I what I don’t understand is that in this electronic age information on his positions is not available on his web site but it does give a phone number where you hopefully can get info. It’s almost like he doesn’t want anything in writing.

One last thing. Did anyone see the irony in chastising President Obama for being on the campaign trail when that’s exactly what Sean was doing in Mercer.

Sean Duffy
1208 Longworth HOB

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-3365 or (855) 585-4251
Fax: (202) 225-3240


2 thoughts on “When are we going to see cooperation in politics

  1. MJ

    I do not know the pros and cons of this issue but I can tell you to look up Bisbee, Arizona and see what is left of what was once a beautiful small mountain community and is now a giant open pit that is so deep that the truck or two left to haul out the residue from years of raping the landscape looks like an ant. Some jobs are created at first, but not many jobs are left after the initial operation as it is done chemically and the water/chemicals left over are leached into the ground to go into the water table to follow the path into not only the area deciding the fate of the mine, but it continues it’s journey into other areas that will be affected in the future. It is sad. MJ.


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