Stand Up and be counted

Am I the only person that is annoyed by the way way politicians, whenever they are in front of a camera, refer to us as the “American People”.  Aren’t they the “American People” as well.  And what is the unemployment rate of congress?  If you haven’t already guessed it is 0% for both republicans and democrats.  Very nice gig when your job, pay and benefits are completely disconnected from the state of the economy.  Sounds a lot like wall street executives.

And do you ever wonder why we keep re-electing the same people to public office when they seem to have a complete lack of regard for their constituents on any issue if it is in conflict with their own ambitions or the people who financed their campaigns?

It’s time to sound off.  If your not happy with the way things are going, call, write, email, tweet, or text your representatives.  Let them know their time in office is limited if they don’t listen to our concerns and act on them.


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